I have been a published freelance writer for over 15 years and have written about everything from food to film to religion to human interest, with much in between. My work has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, The Hollywood Reporter, numerous regional publications in Louisiana, where I am originally from, and in North Carolina where I now live. 

I published my first fictional work, Liza's World, a novella about a young girl coming of age in the small town American South, in 2020. It is listed here under books. My second book, Patches, the Cow Dog, a book for children, came out in 2022. Both are available on Amazon.

I have also successfully edited and proofread my own work for over 15 years, and have edited and proofread business articles by other writers on a number of subjects. 


I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Mass Communications, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. I studied creative writing at Rice University and with MacArthur Fellow Ernest Gaines at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Please view my full CV and visit my book and portfolio pages.