Patches the Cow Dog is a perfect story for early readers. A loving read of how different species care for each other, it can also be delightfully read aloud. Set in the countryside among cows, a special horse and people, it shows the surprising lessons learned from interspecies relationships in a child’s language. Vibrant, color illustrations bring the story to life.

Patches, the Cow Dog is based on a true story, which is sure to fascinate any child’s imagination.

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A wholesome coming of age novella set in the small town American South, Liza’s World tells the story of a young girl’s journey out of shy obscurity into the limelight when she surprisingly wins the leading singing role in the town’s annual Pilgrimage and pageant.
Catapulted from her life as a shy library page while living with her divorced mother Bertha into a new world of possibilities for her own future, Liza soon meets handsome Bruce. She has admired him from afar. An innocent, respectful romance ensues, full of possibilities of its own.
Filled with soft summer nights, self -discovery for Liza and for Bertha, and the charm of small town Southern life, Liza’s World wraps the reader in a world of almost forgotten graces, manners and a love still deeply engrained in Liza’s life.
As a breath of air, Liza’s World brings blessings, light and hope.

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